Landscape Business Training

Webinar Series with Erik Ohlsen

Erik Ohlsen recently published a new book! The Ecological Landscape Professional has been really well received and Erik is just getting started!

The next offering is a two-part webinar series on regenerative business development. We hope you’ll join Erik as we explore strategies for creating small businesses and organizations that build soil, capture water, grow food, steward the environment, and build community. We will talk about social engagement strategies for building coalitions, partnering with diverse stakeholders, project management, and transforming your bio region through the work of your business or organization.



Let’s do this together!


Part 1: Tuesday, May 21st 2019


Part 2: Monday, June 3rd 2019


11am PST

1 Hour



For Our future

Regenerative business development is a powerful tool to facilitate the creation of right livelihoods for communities, while restoring landscapes at the same time.


Learn to build coalitions to empower your mission and drive your vision.


Learn to create systems to support your business that are nimble and adaptable.


Work smarter not harder. Design and develop strategies to grow your regenerative business.

Join the webinar series!


Please reach out to the team at Permaculture Skills Center


This might be the most important work we do.

Regenerative business is critical to the health of our soils, our ecosystems, and our food. 

We can all do our part. The first step is gaining the knowledge and learning the skills to develop a regenerative business. 

Erik Ohlsen is eager to share what he has learned along the way.