Regenerative Agroforestry Online Course with Penny Livingston


In this era of unchecked global warming, deforestation, and industrial agriculture, we need to act quickly in order to regenerate ecosystem processes and feed a growing populace.

Regenerative Agroforestry is a holistic approach, which provides fully integrated solutions that restore our environment while simultaneously feeding people.

Regenerative Agroforestry deepens the alignment between people and nature, delivering a land restoration model to sequester carbon, catch and infiltrate water, revegetate landscapes, produce food, grow medicine, generate timber, and generate SURPLUS resources for people and ecologies.

We developed this program to make these solutions easily accessible to you.

Now is your chance to get the inspiration, knowledge, and mentor support to develop your own Regenerative Agroforestry systems adapted to your bio region. 



Penny Livingston-Stark is internationally recognized as a prominent permaculture teacher, designer, and speaker. She holds a MS in Eco-Social Regeneration, three Diplomas in Permaculture Design and has sat on the board of the Permaculture Institute of North America. 



The total cost for this online program is $397

This is an investment in you, an investment in your future, your land, your community. 

The Five Core Training Modules Include:

Module 1: Foundations of Regenerative Agroforestry

This is an overview of Agroforestry and how a deeper understanding of forest function, forest ecology can lead to better decisions for productive forest systems. This module covers why agroforestry systems are more productive and why they are important for the future of agriculture. We will share various techniques for fuel and hardwood products as well as shaping, pruning, and grafting fruit trees.

Module 2: Planning and Design

This module discusses agroforestry design within a permaculture context. We will discuss various methods of design, site assessment and design considerations for how to plan and create your agroforestry system. 

Module 3: Agroforestry Planting Systems

This is a deep dive into living plant systems. Examples of plant guides and templates for temperate, humid tropics and sub tropical drylands will be shared. Fire ecology, analog forestry, broad acre food forests and in-depth grafting and vegetative propagation techniques will be shared. 

Module 4: Harvesting and Processing

In this module we will cover harvesting methods as well as how to determine when the best time to harvest is. We will focus primarily on perennial, woody and self-sowing plants and we will profile the diversity and multiple uses of various plant species. 

Module 5: Implementation

This module will explore various techniques for implementing a project. It includes earthworks and grading considerations, soil preservation and enhancement, water management and infiltration. 


The total cost for this online program is $397

This is an investment in you, an investment in your future, your land, your community. 


You will learn to read the land.

You will become a confident agroforestry designer as you learn to design and implement your own agroforestry project with the support of Penny and other expert teachers.

Students are encouraged to choose an agroforestry project to design and develop while taking this program. If you don’t have a project, do not worry, you can choose a conceptual project in your neighborhood or community.

Project sites could include a large property, an urban lot, a public park, a church, a school, or your own homestead or farm. 

During seasonal live sessions, Penny and other expert teachers will offer input and support to students’ projects.

Topics covered in the course include:

  • Site Assessment
  • Site Selection
  • Design Methodology
  • Soil Fertility Strategies
  • Plant Propagation
  • Water Retention Systems
  • Companion/Guild Planting
  • Crop Planning
  • Wind Breaks
  • Forest Management Techniques
  • Grafting
  • Orchard Management Strategies
  • Temperate, Tropical, Arid Climate Applications
  • Harvesting Techniques
  • Growing and Making Medicine From the Land 
  • Forest Ecology
  • Installation and Implementation Techniques
  • Medicinal Plants
  • Landscaping for Wildlife
  • Adaptive Management Techniques

   4 Live Webinars Per Year! 

Once per season students will join Penny for a day long series of online live sessions. She will answer your questions, provide live coaching, and give your projects high level support and inspiration.


  Bonus Module: Food As Medicine

In this bonus module Penny will share amazing health and nutrition information for many common culinary herbs, fruits, roots and vegetables. You will be amazed at the many health benefits many common foods hold.

   One-On-One Coaching and Consultation is Available

If you want one on one time with Penny or any of our agroforestry experts there are three and six session packages (1 hour each) where we will support your individual needs by helping guide you and offer solutions to your project-specific challenges. This is a great opportunity to consult with very experienced and knowledgeable practitioners in the field.