The Professional Ecological Design Process.

In this training, I will go over:
  • A step by step process for providing consultations
  • A proven process for providing an Ecological Design Process in a professional setting.
  • Using the Principles of Permaculture and Regenerative Design in the design process.
  • Site Assessment Practices
  • Much more!



The Consultation to Design Process Workflow

Project Workflow Sequencing Example

Landscape Assessment Workflow Map

Ecological Design Process Workflow Map

9 Principles of Biomimicry

Eco-Landscape Mastery School

I hope you liked the Free Webinar. If you want more free education/ inspiration please check out my video blog here. New videos are posted here every month.
I have another Free Webinar for you. Its called the Reading the Landscape: Site Assessment Best Practices Webinar. In this webinar I go deep into the site assessment process and how to understand and discover the context of projects and community toward leading you to exceptional ecological design processes. I hope this free training is valuable to you!

I’m committed to supporting folks like you who are focused on regenerating our world. As part of what we offer at the Permaculture Skills Center, is a high level professional training and ongoing coaching program called The Eco-Landscape Mastery School.

If you want a full system for professionalizing your work as a designer or consultant this program has been designed especially for you. Here is what is included in the school:

  • Core modules on Design Process, Site Assessment, Water Harvesting, Soil Building, Planting Strategies, Community Building, Hardscaping, Irrigation, Design Principles,Base Maps, Consultation Practices, Project Management, Client management, Business Development and More.
  • Live Monthly Coaching Sessions With Erik Ohlsen
  • Live Experts Hangouts Every Month with Global Experts
  • Private Mastermind Community
  • Dozens of Business systems templates and downloads (i.e. Project Estimate Workbook Template, Design Contract Template, Site Inventory Templates, Installation Best Practice Cheat Sheets, and so much more)
  • Optional Certification Track
  • LIFETIME Access to Everything!
  • Start Right Now and go at Your Own Pace

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