Eco-Landscape Mastery School

The Eco-Landscape Mastery (ELM) School is THE step-by-step program to start and grow your ecological design business. It’s an online school and coaching program designed to fully equip and support you as you grow your regenerative business as a professional ecological designer, practitioner, or consultant.



We now offer specialized coaching package for ELM Students : Regenerative Business Coaching and Land Design Coaching ~ Designed to support, empower and guide you toward making the most of your Eco-Landscape Mastery School Experience.

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Regenerative Landscape Business Training with Erik

We hope you’ll join Erik Ohlsen as we explore strategies for creating small businesses and organizations that build soilcapture watergrow foodsteward the environment, and build community. We will talk about social engagement strategies for building coalitions, partnering with diverse stakeholders, project management, and transforming your bio region through the work of your business or organization.

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Regenerative Agroforestry with Penny Livingston

Join legendary permaculture teacher, Penny Livingston-Stark on a journey toward mastery in the realm of regenerative agroforestry. This is an interdisciplinary course, in which Penny, digs deep into design processes, the science behind plants, propagation techniques, rapid soil fertility development, complete watershed restoration, and the integration of people with the land.

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Land Design Mentorship

 Join an intimate mastermind led by expert permaculture designers, supporting post PDC grads, who seek to transition from students of permaculture to designers who create profitable, abundant and ecologically sound landscapes.

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WATCH : Javan and Neil’s FREE 2-part Webinar series on Permaculture Land Design Challenges and How to Overcome Them HERE.

From Waste Water to Resource with Michael Ogdan

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Desert Landscaping with Neal Spackman

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Project Management with Rick Taylor

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