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Rising from the ashes, the land responds to the 2017 California Firestorm.

Check out what happened on the land a few weeks after the fire hit!

Want to go deeper into the fire conversation?

Check out this beautiful and timely video.

Erik Ohlsen guides us on ecological remediation after fire in this webinar:

Blog Posts on Fire:

Reading the Land After Fire – Read Here

Raging Wildfires in California – Read Here

Order a copy of Erik Ohlsen’s book on Forest Fires:

The Forest of Fire follows the journey of a forest from pristine, and wild ecosystem to a human developed landscape and covers the roles and risks of fire in ecology and our lives. Available now on Amazon in paperback

The forest needs to mend its relationship with fire. A forest fire has struck and burned down all the wood. Will the forest grow back? What will the plants, animal’s, and people do?

Discover the secret relationships between forests, fire, and wildlands. This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of a forest with and without fire.

Experience the magic that can be held in the seed and roots of plants. Experience the destruction that can be caused by catastrophic fires.

How will forest and people recover?

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