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In Collaboration with fellow permaculture designers, Javan Bernakevitch of All Points Design and Neil Bertrando of RT Permaculture, Permaculture Skills Center is excited to offer exclusive coaching packages in conjunction with Eco-Landscape Mastery School.

Designed to support, empower and guide you toward making the most of your eco-landscape mastery school experience.

Regenerative Business Coaching Package:
Since 2014 Javan Bernakevitch has been helping clients and colleagues improve their regenerative businesses. It can be hard to restore ecology and doubly so if your understanding of business comes from conventional business. Any business built with 20th century wisdom is doomed to fail in the 21st century. Javan has directly helped over 30 regenerative businesses improve their processes and provide a living wage for their owners and employees by providing principles and practices for Regenerative Business Design. 

When you add this coaching package you will receive the Regenerative Business Design workbook, podcasts and the first 6 Regenerative Business Design principles PLUS you get to borrow Javan’s brain for a number of one on one coaching sessions. Each session you can unload a business problem and receive specific feedback on the issue(s) your working on.

Pricing: 3 Coaching Calls 1hr 1on1 = $430

Land Design Coaching Package:
Neil Bertrando and Javan Bernakevitch have been guiding clients and students to make sound land design decisions for the last 10 years. They’ve saved time, money and energy for the people they work with. Their ongoing Land Design Mentorship group is one way to access their mentorship in land design. As an ELM student, you have an opportunity to work them one on one or more accurately one on two. You get to borrow their brains for private coaching calls about any design question or problem you have. It doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to learning and solving tough land design problems. [Both Javan and Neil will be on each coaching call].

Pricing: 3 Coaching Calls 1hr 2on1 = $430

Coaches with integrity, experience and perspective.

Take a look into each of Javan and Neil’s respective businesses to see examples of their impact.

Javan : http://www.allpointsdesign.ca/

 Neil : http://rtpermaculture.com

“Neil Bertrando is a leader in the world of Regenerative Agriculture. His services helped me to organize my operation and truly analyze my next steps, insuring they would bring the greatest positive change with the least amount of effort. Neil brings to the table a plethora of resources and I would recommend him to anyone committed to making a positive change in this world while at the same time making a healthy profit.”

-Guner, Gaviota, CA

“Javan’s innate ability to help you cut through the mystery and confusion of your life’s purpose is incredible. His process helps you generate a business plan that integrates your individual passions and skills, then directs that focused energy towards problems in the world that you were literally born to solve.”       

-Takota Coen, Coen Family Farm

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