Reading Spring Blossoms

An important strategy for designing a food forest system is to choose plant species and cultivars that extend the harvest season throughout the year. In the springtime, we can read the blossoms of the landscape to teach us what trees will fruit early and...

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Eagles, Floodplains, and Permaculture

Greetings From the Floodplain, Listening to the land and observing the relationships between animals, plants, water, and soil provides the only true template for Regenerative Design. Good designers always take the time to listen, observe, and be curious...

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Pruning a 100-Year-Old Apple Tree

Greeting from a 100 Year-Old Apple Orchard! I live on a small patch of what was once a fully functioning 80-acre Gravenstien apple orchard. The orchard was planted in 1916 (over 100 years ago!) and we have 10 of these old beauties still standing on our...

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Earthen Pond Water Harvesting System

Greeting from …Uh, Earth? Catch and Store water from your homestead! Check out this fully integrated water harvesting system in progress. Rain from the roof of the house gets pumped to a tank storage system high on the landscape. Then overflow from the...

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Roof Water Harvesting: Part 1

Greetings from (hopefully) rainy California! Today we are talking about catching the abundance raining down from the sky! Where I live we get 3 to 4 months of rain per year and a long 8-9-month dry spell. During the dry time of year water becomes scarce...

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The Power of Self-Seeding Landscapes

Greetings from Coastal California! Depending on your context you may be working too hard. Are your landscape aesthetic needs making you cringe at an over grown garden? I get it! I know that feeling to want to have a beautiful looking landscape and that...

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