Ecological Landscape Mastery (ELM) Affiliate Program

Regenerate the planet

Educate the next generation

Build a regenerative economy

Fund permaculture aid projects

…and make a good living doing it


The ELM School is a step-by-step program designed to train and coach designers, landscapers, regenerative agriculturists, and educators in the development of professional regenerative enterprises.

The ELM Affiliate Program is a fantastic opportunity for you to get involved, earn money and spread the tools for a regenerative economy.

How the ELM Affiliate Program Works:

It’s very simple: we provide you with an affiliate link and for every student that signs up through your link you receive 40% commission from the cost of the program.

Here is how the numbers breakdown:

Early Bird Enrollment Commissions (twice per year)

ELM early bird registration fee = $797

Your affiliate commission = $318.80

Regular Enrollment Commissions (ongoing)

ELM registration fee = $997

Your affiliate commission = $338.80



Promoting and Partnering with You

The ELM Affiliate Program is also about you! As an Affiliate, we would love to collaborate with you to share YOUR content for our course participants.

Lets promote your programs, courses, books, and projects to our online school and community.

Promote your content by:

  • Joining us for one of our monthly live webinar expert sessions;
  • Create a mini course with us [we will market and sell to our students splitting all sales 50-50]
  • OR join a live webinar

We want to promote the good work you are doing! Please let us know if you are interested in content partnering by sending an email to: Belen@permacultureskillscenter.org

Join the Movement

Once you sign up for your Affiliate link, you will receive an email providing you with VITAL INFORMATION about how to promote the ELM Program to your networks. Please read the email before beginning your promotion.  


Important notes:

  • Coaching packages purchased by students are NOT included in affiliate commissions.
  • Affiliates do not receive commission on scholarship sales. 
  • Affiliates only receive commission on those sales that are successfully processed including payment plans. 
  • Affiliate payments are made on a quarterly basis.

 If you have any more questions about the ELM program, please check out our sales page HERE.