Greetings from a blossoming California,

With the vernal equinox around the corner spring has already sprung it’s growth and beauty on the West Coast. This is the time of year where we see all kinds of different vegetation management techniques been implemented.

The sounds of mowers and wood chippers can be heard everyday. The frolicking and munching of cattle as they enter fresh pasture can be witnessed across the rural lands.

Unfortunately the scarred sites of herbicide application are seen rampant this time of year throughout the Vineyards and Christmas tree farms.

Most of the time when land stewards are mowing and managing vegetation it is to keep opportunistic or “invasive” plants from over taking their landscapes.

Another great way to look at this is to see this springing vegetative growth as an opportunity to build soil, harvest organic matter, and engage in what I like to call the “nutrient pump“ cycle.

In this video I will explain what I mean by “nutrient pumps” and how I use them to build soil and plant nutrients into the ground multiple times throughout the spring time. The scale I’m talking about today is in intensive gardens, homesteads, and landscapes.

Hope this is valuable information for you. Leave us a comment and share the video if you feel so moved.

Happy spring,

Erik Ohlsen

Please share your comments/thoughts below, I’d love to hear from you.

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