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We are a five-acre demonstration site and online educational school providing instruction in permaculture, ecological landscaping, regenerative agroforestry and more.

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Join Erik Ohlsen, founder and Executive Director of Permaculture Skills Center in this FREE training that dives deep into the Ecological Design Process.

Erik Ohlsen's NEW Book is HERE!

The Ecological Landscape Professional is an essential resource for anyone working in, or seeking to work in the landscape industry.

From this book, Erik hopes you find inspiration and practical tools that supports your work in landscaping, gardening, regenerative business development, or the restoration of ecosystems. 

“This book achieves something no other book has done before: presenting permaculture and regenerative land management in the context of professional landscaping, in an accessible, readable and inspiring way.”

New Online Course Offerings

Regenerative Agroforestry

A Journey From the Ground To The Canopy With Penny Livingston.



Land Design Mentorship

Transition from a permaculture student to a designer.



Regenerative Landscape Business Training

Explore strategies for creating small businesses and organizations that build soilcapture watergrow foodsteward the environment, and build community.



Our Flagship Program: 

Eco-Landscape Mastery School

An online school and coaching program designed to fully equip and support you as an ecological designer, practitioner, and consultant.



Permaculture Skills Center was founded in 2012

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We believe in collaboration, community and exploring creative approaches to regenerating our ecosystems, and our economy. We are in this together.

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