MISSION : To empower students with the knowledge and skills to create regenerative and resilient ecosystems, communities, and economies.

Our Flagship Program : Eco-Landscape Mastery School

An online school and coaching program designed to fully equip and support you as an ecological designer, practitioner, and consultant.

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“As a whole, the program really dives into the depths of all things you need to think about when starting your own business. It points you in the right direction and helps you make the right decisions, saving you both time and money.

It was more than just the faculty that came to the table. Each student brought so much to the course. Someone might know plants really well, someone else is coming from a farm, or a homestead; everyone brought a unique perspective. And a lot of these fellow students will be friends of mine and collaborators for the rest of my life.”

John Scott

Whole System Designs

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Resources to Help us Mitigate Effects of Fire in our Communities!

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